The increasing complexity and speed of change is forcing companies to make structured changes. Consistently establishing a blueprint of the organization, processes and systems helps identify risks and make the right decisions. 

Because we see that many organizations struggle with this, we have created the EASE best practice. This is based on years of experience within our projects. EASE is the product that helps you change successfully, but it is much more than a buzzword, it is in fact a;

  • transformation framework to define the blueprint

  • template for the ARIS platform so you can get started right away

  • service model so we can help you with the different issues

EASE, Integral Transformation

A good blueprint consists of a justification for why organization, processes and applications are set up the way they are. After all, they all serve the business strategy. For this, EASE is the integration transformation framework so you can capture this in a consistent way. Our EASE framework is based on industry standards such as Archimate and BPMN so that everyone quickly feels at home.

EASE, the accelerator for ARIS

Since a framework is only theory, EASE is also the accelerator for ARIS so you can get practical and deliver the added value to your organization. This information is available real-time to the organization through the associated portal. This portal also supports in continuous improvement through role-based access and feedback capabilities, among other things.

The EASE framework consists of the following components so that everything is connected and you don't have to worry about ARIS technology. The comprehensive set of best practice content offers you a flying start.

EASE, Transformation-as-a-Service

Transformation requires different disciplines, which is why you can request additional services as needed. This gives maximum flexibility and guarantees results.

To invest in EA and BPM tools is to create value.

Successfully responding to a changing market without losing control of continuity, integrity and compliance in your organization: is that exactly what your business needs right now? Transform with EASE: download the white paper.