Whether it's an evening on the couch Netflixing or online meetings with colleagues: digital applications have become an integral part of our lives. This entails enormous amounts of data. It is therefore estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created daily by 2025. Don't feel like Googling how much that is? That's 463 billion gigabytes per day.

Process Mining helps turn data into insight

Business processes also create a lot of data during their execution. In fact, while the organization is busy serving the customer in the best possible way, the systems used in the background record all the activities performed in a digital footprint. More and more organizations are realizing that they have a gold mine on their hands with this data. The question is: how do you extract maximum value from it?

Process Mining: fast and simple analysis of process data

You can, of course, manually review this digital footprint and draw conclusions based on it. In practice, however, it involves many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of activities and processes. So that requires a different way of working.

Using Process Mining, analyzing the digital footprint is greatly accelerated and simplified. Based on algorithms, patterns, trends, anomalies and possible improvements are detected. With the results of this analysis, you are then able to map, monitor and improve business processes. All this based on facts and actually executed processes. Not, as often happens, based on assumed processes. 

Process Improvement through Process Mining

The possibilities with this are endless and show that Process Mining has tremendous potential. Get answers to questions like "which supplier offers the greatest certainty of delivering on time?" or "which product/customer combinations go through the most efficient process from sales to delivery and why?".

Some examples where Process Mining is successfully deployed are:

  • Process improvement projects (e.g. Lean/six-sigma)

  • Determining transformation strategies based on facts

  • Mapping of current processes in preparation for SAP S/4HANA transition

  • Measuring process compliance after completion of SAP S/4HANA transition

  • Creating audit trails and risk analysis for audits

  • Continuous process monitoring in the process industry

Successfully deploying Process Mining with McCoy

Successfully deploying Process Mining requires knowledge and expertise of both business processes and associated IT systems. McCoy has a team of certified Process Mining experts, combining these areas of expertise, supported by our extensive knowledge of SAP. This is how we make Process Mining successful.

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