Double the value of your warehousing data

Process Mining: Your SAP EWM data are ready

A streamlined, effective and flawless warehouse process. Your customers are asking for it. Your SAP EWM data are ready for a successful process-mining project. With a transparent process flow and insightful dashboards, you really get to work with your data on the basis of facts. And the value of your warehouse data? It's going to double. Just watch.

The perfect conditions for a successful process-mining project? You already have them

While the market seems to look different every day, you want to have your warehouse processes in order. You already work with an SAP EWM system and your logistics intelligence is in fact almost optimal. But you can be even smarter. For example, how efficiently are your outbound logistics processes currently set up? How flawless is your flow?

From the customer order to the moment the truck with the orders leaves your distribution center: it usually involves a complex combination of manual and automated steps, often with a high frequency and a lot of room for optimization. Less inventory, more cost savings and higher customer satisfaction? You can achieve this with process mining.

Process mining based on your EWM data. This is what it provides.

It's simple: process mining makes your EWM data more valuable. Together, we'll make your processes for intelligent logistics even smarter and more productive. You can count on the following:

Your customer satisfaction is always on point.

  • Packages are shipped in accordance with the order.

  • The turnaround time of the process is as low as possible.

You guarantee constant efficiency in your processes.

  • A large number of orders can be processed per day.

  • Order picking productivity is optimal.

You can respond to exceptional situations without any problems.

  • Mispicking is minimal.

  • Orders are shipped on time.

You double the value of your warehouse data!

Process mining for your organization? You're ready to get started!

Want to know more about the possibilities of process mining for your organization? We'll be happy to explain it to you. In fact: we'll be happy to show it to you! Get in touch with Mirjam Verzijl at +316 839 363 60 and get more out of your EWM data with process mining.