Integration. What comes to mind when thinking about that? The technical aspects, tying applications together; that's just the beginning. But you probably already knew that! How do we do it? At McCoy, the business process is leading. Our philosophy is broad and our approach fits with that, but we always focus on simple. That's what you've come to expect from us. We always reason from the perspective of added value for the customer. At McCoy, we link your integration strategy to your business strategy. 

We're going to lay out your integration strategy. Where do we start? Ambitions and strategic goals? First, we take a look at what's going on in your company. Then we look at the organizational structure and any relevant developments. Acquisitions and divestments? These may possibly play a role! Finally, we link all this to your business characteristics so that we can make a clear distinction between critical and less critical areas. With this we determine a roadmap. And finally, of course, we make concrete steps in generating the integration strategy!

Our approach in three logical steps:

This brings us to the first step in the process. We're going to define the integration architecture. In doing so, we take our years of experience and we use well-defined frameworks and principles that help us unravel complex problems.

Step two is to break down the scope. For this we use SAP's ISA-M (Integration Solution Advisory Methodology). We distinguish between Process, Data, User Interface and Thing Integration. From the various knowledge areas at McCoy such as Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Sales & Service, BI, HRx & Technology, we bring together our knowledge of integration. Always concrete, and always with the help of use cases.

During step three, we are going to realize the actual integration architecture. We use integration tools such as the SAP Cloud Integration / Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG). The entire cycle of design, build & realize is covered. The highlights? The System Integration Test, the User Acceptance Test and, of course, the Go-Live.

More minor issues? More concrete problems? Of course we know how to deal with those too. We are happy to put our expertise to work for you. Think for example of the delivery of a partial product, or a general review of your integration problems.

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