Project-as-a-Service: spreading costs creates room for innovation

Software-as-a-service is a concept we can no longer imagine living without. It is now the norm for the purchase of software. It is nice to be able to spread these costs evenly instead of having to make a hefty investment up front. This gives you the financial freedom to continue to invest in innovation. But why doesn't that apply to implementation costs? The consultancy fees, the possible purchase of hardware and the management costs are usually still charged in a short amount of time. McCoy throws a spanner in the works and offers a unique approach: PAS. An SAP Project-as-a-Service. SAP. But different.

A SAP implementation subscription

We offer licences, project management and administration 'as a service'. For a fixed amount per user per month. For a period that we agree upon together. This makes the investment more manageable and predictable. It is an implementation subscription, in which we discuss beforehand whether you pay per use, unit or user. All-in, based on your specific needs.

Transparent and predictable

By working according to this OPEX model, you do not only spread the costs, but we also unburden you by taking over a large part of the success of the project. Moreover, it provides financial scope for other innovative IT projects. This makes an implementation project transparent and predictable. Simply McCoy is what we call it.

Want to know more about what this can do for your business? Jan Laros will be happy to talk to you about it at +31 6 23 19 51 53.