S/4HANA: Pure necessity to remain distinctive

Welcome to the 4th era of ERP. Our 200 experts will help your organization to end-to-end integrate all processes into one intelligent business platform: SAP S/4HANA. This allows your organization to adapt to any market development or crisis at lightning speed. This is not a luxury, but a necessity. You need to have your business processes in order so that you can focus; distinctiveness is what it's all about. How advanced is your organization?

Strategic ambition as the reason for S/4HANA

The key reason for moving over to S/4HANA? It is different for every company, and yet there is a common thread: ambition. We work a lot with companies with expansion plans and ambitions in the areas of globalization, sustainability, M&As, energy transition, product diversification and supply chain digitization. What ambitions are on your company's strategic agenda?

Ingredients for a succesful transition

The recipe for a successful digital transformation to S/4HANA has 5 ingredients:

  • A supported business case. Implementing S/4HANA is never a goal in itself. With a solid and transparent business case, we make the investment profitable and our partnership sustainable.

  • A More Than IT approach: it's ultimately about people, processes and the S/4HANA platform. In that order.

  • Simplification through a fit-to-standard approach with extension of standard SAP only where it adds value to the business case.

  • Unique enrichments of the SAP solutions in the form of implementation accelerators and industry templates. With these best practices you save time and get sustainable top quality.

  • A partnership for the long term. The go-live is just the beginning. And so we continue to work together to maximize the return on investment.

We have achieved success with this approach for leading companies in various industries.

Join the community

How do other companies stay distinctive? What smart technology are they using to achieve that? How can you make it work for you? We are happy to share that knowledge with you through our community. Be inspired by our customers who share their best practices.

  • Take part in SAP training courses.

  • Exchange ideas with experts from your sector.

  • All this is free and without obligation. We promise.

Does your company has serious ambition?

We would be happy to discuss with you how we can make it happen together. Contact Jan Laros for a cup of coffee:  jan.laros@mccoy-partners.com or 06 23 195 153.