Why would you buy a new car when the old one still runs just fine? A good service, new tires and you' re good to go for years to come. Ambitious companies make a similar trade-off for their ERP system: upgrade, or replace it entirely with SAP S/4HANA? 

Most common reasons for switching to S/4HANA

Common car purchase criteria are very similar to the business drivers that move our customers toward S/4HANA:

  • Serviceability. The cloud advantages of S/4HANA dramatically reduce maintenance costs and thus TCO. Moving to standard processes makes it even more favorable.

  • Acceleration capability and speed (flexibility and agility). This is crucial in today's economic conditions to respond to change. Fast real-time reporting, or fast, complex simulations, for example, are now possible.

  • The autopilot that takes over whenever possible. Companies are automating routine processes with S/4HANA with embedded technologies such as RPA, AI and ML.

  • Being constantly connected to the outside world so you always have the latest software version, but also know what's going on around you. Plus, S/4HANA itself reacts when danger threatens. Also with S/4, you get new functionality in the cloud several times a year.

  • The ease of using the on-board computer. This gives an overview of the status of the entire car in one place. Also interesting: the app that allows you to control remotely. Think customized overviews and a transaction interface that you can perform on any device.

  • Sustainability. S/4HANA includes a range of new processes and solutions that support managing sustainability (e.g., CO2 emissions). You also maintain an overview for stakeholders.

Define the reasons for your business

Strategic ambitions require a clear direction. Therefore, first sharply define the reasons for a move to S/4HANA, both with business and IT. Experience shows that for this you need a solid, substantive sparring partner. We provide inspiration, show you all the possibilities and ask the critical questions. This way we ensure that you assemble the right car. We do this in a short and powerful Discovery process.

For inspiration: ambitions of our customers

S/4HANA is a platform for companies with ambition. We will share some of these ambitions of our customers with you:

  • Royal FloraHolland aimed for and reached the top of 'Best in Finance' with its financial processes.

  • Marel aspired to 'One Face to the Customer' and 12% growth per year. To achieve this, we simplified the organizational structure and the operating model.

  • Strukton anticipated a data-driven future and 'smart buildings'.

  • Irish Distillers (IDL) aspired to grow from 12 to 20 million cases of whiskey with existing bottling plant and workforce. Download the full case histories of these and other companies.

Ready to explore?

Have a good, informed conversation about ambitions and the roadmap to them. It all starts with a phone call or email to Jan Laros at 06 23 195 153 or jan.laros@mccoy-partners.com.