Sales & Services

A successful sale does not stop at the delivery of the product or service. A smoothly running service system with a good maintenance process is part of the customer experience. After all, good service will lead to a new purchase. Sales and service processes cannot be seen separately from each other.

Sales is service & service is sales

McCoy works with our clients to implement efficient and user-friendly SAP solutions for sales, service, and maintenance processes. Our motivation lies in coming up with smart, simple SAP solutions that really move your organization forward. McCoy's Sales and Service team masters the complete end-to-end processes from Order to Cash, Design to Operate, and Run to Maintain.

Sales & Service: How can we help you?

Sales, service, and maintenance processes are closely related. We would like to examine together where process improvement is possible. Here are some examples of what we can do for your organization.

Creating insight into the service order process

Insight into the service order process is essential to prevent potential problems. The Service Order Dashboard on SAP Analytics Cloud provides that insight. With the push of a button, the number of open service orders and the turnaround time can be made transparent. This leads to a faster turnaround of service orders. This dashboard can be fully adapted to your wishes (and process), always focused on delivering business value.

Unambiguous service data with Mendix and SAP

Data from service processes that do not directly fit into a standard SAP solution are often kept in separate Excel sheets. How do you keep a good and unambiguous overview of this? A low-code software platform such as Mendix is a solution for the digitalisation of this data. But how do these solutions communicate with your SAP system? And how do we integrate them later on? We combine knowledge of your business, Mendix, and SAP, and are happy to help you with the platform optimization of your organization. 

Better asset management with a digital twin

In a real-time asset management process, the "digital twin" - a digital replica - is a must. Our SAP Asset Intelligence Network entry-level model can help you make this a reality. SAP Asset Intelligence Network is the solution for collaborative and integrated asset management. A digital replica with the most up-to-date asset data, available to all parties involved, is the differentiating factor. 

Want to know what our Sales & Service team can do for your organisation? Then contact Jan Laros: +31 6 23 19 51 53