SAP Asset Intelligence Network: easy access to current and accurate asset data

    Better asset management with a digital twin

    In today's manufacturing industry, installations are becoming increasingly complex and the need for efficient collaboration is growing. The importance of easy and quick access to current and accurate asset data should not be underestimated. One product that can be used to achieve this is the SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN). But how does AIN work and how do you make the most of its potential? 

    Collaborative and integrated asset management

    AIN is part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) suite. This suite is cloud-based and includes various solutions within asset management. The basis is the asset data, stored in Asset Central Foundation. AIN enables efficient collaboration with both internal and external partners in the network. It is the solution for collaborative and integrated asset management. The distinguishing feature? A digital replica with the most up-to-date asset data, available to all parties involved.

    Digital twin: the most up-to-date asset data available for all parties

    In a real-time asset management process, the 'digital twin' is indispensable. This digital replica of an asset ensures that everyone who is authorized has access to the current asset data relevant to them. With our SAP AIN entry-level model, we can help you realize the potential of a digital twin. McCoy has experience in the implementation of SAP AIN.

    Do you also want to use the potential of SAP AIN? We would love to talk to you about what our AIN team can do for your organization. Please contact Jan Laros: +31 6 23 19 51 53

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