Simplify digital transformation

To be and to stay in the lead. What company doesn't want that? More relevant, therefore, is the question: how do you do it? By changing just as fast as the world and your industry. Preferably even one notch faster. A digital transformation is crucial for this; just migrating the business processes to the cloud is no longer enough. It sounds complex, and to some extent it is. But with the new RISE with SAP program we make this digital transformation a whole lot clearer.

Why a digital transformation is critical 

The world, your industry and your business is changing. Not episodically, but continuously. Flexibility is the only way to keep up with that pace. Companies that have their foundation in the best possible condition are maximally flexible on the front end. They serve customers at their whim, have suppliers who are true partners in good times and bad, and employees who are proud of their company.

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What you need for a digital transformation

First: a solid 'case for change' that clearly demonstrates the business benefits. This can be done within 1 week using a kickstart program. Only after a positive answer do you continue to focus on the next steps:

  • An approach that does the transformation justice. You want to focus on 3 pillars: People, Process and Platform. A transformation requires what we call 'More Than IT'.

  • A transformation partner with knowledge, skills and experience of all three pillars.

  • A fit-to-standard approach where you stay as close as possible to the proven solution, with smart (McCoy) accelerators and only custom solutions where they really add value.

  • A no-nonsense project approach that lets you do the right thing, nothing more and nothing less.

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How RISE simplifies a digital transformation

With 'RISE with SAP', you organize your digital transformation as a service. This has major advantages: 

  • You get all the components you need in a simple subscription. 

  • It is cost-effective: 1 contract, 1 subscription fee and transparent metrics.

  • You get the components you need, when you need them. RISE is fully cloud-based, modular and scalable. 

  • You get best practice business processes for your industry. 

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More inspiration on digital transformation? 

We'll be happy to tell you how our clients approached it successfully. Or we can sketch a roadmap for your own transformation. Please contact us via the form.