Is business transformation one of those buzz words that will blow over? Not as far as we are concerned. At least, the need for it won't. At its core, it comes down to change, which is the only way to (stay) at the top of your industry. Are you not doing this? Then you are doing whatever others are doing, and unfortunately that is not enough. So change, down to the fiber of your business and on all components. From organization to processes and from technology to connections. People - Process - Platform is what we call it at McCoy.

Change across 3 axes

We'll give you some examples, linked to the three pillars of People, Process and Platform.


The introduction of Shared Service Centers for support functions such as Finance and Procurement. Centrally located in the organization, with the best people supporting the local business units worldwide. With harmonized processes, of course. We manage this change from A to Z, including attention to change management and an optimal user experience.


You change processes smartly by using best practices that the best companies in the world have been successful with for years. Simple and clear, so that distinctiveness can be on the front end: customer focus, innovation and maximum experience. An example is implementing standard Record-2-Report processes from SAP.


We use SAP for that, not coincidentally also the global market leader in business software with the technology to support change. 

In short: Standard software for standard processes with optimal user experience. That's change.

Inspiration from industries that are transforming

We see digital transformations growing strongly in the manufacturing industry. For these companies, it is crucial to respond in time to unexpected influences. Tapping into a new market in a new country? If so, you want to be operational in no time. A disruption in the integral supply chain? You want to be ready for that by having a flexible global supply chain network of partners and suppliers.

Trading companies are rapidly transforming. The most successful organizations in this industry have the shortest lead times, never run out of inventory and are compliant everywhere. No scandals, a sustainable supply chain and whether they operate B2C or B2B, all their customers have an optimal customer experience.

Inspiration from companies that are transforming

Every company has its own reason for change. Here are two of our clients with whom we are going through digital transformation:

  • Swinkels Family Brewers, a 300-year-old family business. During the pandemic, it changes from a traditional business brewing and selling beer to an Intelligent Brewery. Always remain distinctive.

  • Alliander, which has to facilitate the energy transition in 10 years. A set of changes that normally takes 40 years. That is why we are accelerating change and simplifying at the core, to be optimally flexible at the front end.

What reason does your company have to transform?

We'd love to build a 'case for change' with you. This is possible within as little as 1 week with the Value Starter Program. We may request it from SAP for you free of charge. Email Jan Laros if you want to know more about this at