RISE is SAP's answer to successful digital transformations. CEO Christian Klein officially launched it in January 2021.

1 package, 1 fixed price, 100% complete toolbox

RISE has a subscription structure. The package allows any organization in the largest industries to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise. For a fixed price, you get a 100% complete toolbox for the entire digital transformation. Within that, you select which modules best fit your needs. The main components: 

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • Business Process Intelligence

  • Business Technology Platform

  • SAP Business Network

  • Line of Business Packages

Below we briefly explain the components. You can also read more via the website of SAP. Prefer a personal explanation? Please feel free to contact Jan Laros.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud: The engine for change 

A digital transformation can only run, let alone fly, with the right engine. It is precisely for this reason that S/4HANA is a central component in RISE. You can purchase this flagship ERP platform from SAP in a Public or Private Cloud variant. You can also tailor it to your industry with specific Industry Transformation Packages. This makes your transformation simple, scalable and flexible: you have the right accelerator available at the right time. New innovations such as RPA, AI and Machine Learning are included, so your organization's innovation power gets a boost as well.

Business Process Intelligence: Underpinning process building

Of course, Business Transformation is about more than just a platform. People and Process are crucial components. With Business Process Intelligence (BPI), you shape process transformation. In addition to analysis tools for the current situation, BPI has hundreds of best practice processes, including business process diagrams and process analytics dashboards.

Business Technology Platform: Modeling innovative applications

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the spider in the web. SAP RISE has pre-paid user credit for BTP, so you can get started right away. The platform offers all kinds of services that allow you to model innovative applications. Think of customer portals, robotized finance tasks (RPA) or rapid application development without rebuilding the standard.

In addition, with BTP you get thousands of standard integration scenarios for both SAP-SAP integration and integration with non-SAP applications, for example, non-SAP solutions for CRM, eCommerce and MES systems. With this, you realize an end-2-end, smoothly working process.

SAP Business Network: collaborating across chains

One of the biggest issues in digital transformation is the emergence of business networks. Collaboration across chains delivers significant benefits, especially if you have end-2-end insight into this. Within RISE, this is why you get the SAP Business Network Starter Pack. This includes the SAP Ariba Network, SAP Logistics Business Network and SAP Asset Intelligence Network. This provides you with everything you need to work with customers, suppliers, carriers and other business partners end-2-end.

Line of Business Packages: Put together a RISE package as needed

A big advantage of RISE is that you can put together a package exactly according to your needs. To do this, you use the Industry Transformation Packages and Modular ERP. These can then be further expanded with specific solutions. Think of SAP CPQ, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central or SAP Ariba SNAP. Examples are RISE with SAP for the manufacturing industry and RISE with SAP for Human Experience Management (HXM). These extensions are all included in the RISE terms and conditions: 1 contract, 1 subscription fee and transparent metrics.

Want to know more about RISE with SAP?

Check out SAP's website or schedule a personal meeting with Jan Laros at jan.laros@mccoy-partners.com