Our culture

We operate on the edge of business and IT. McCoy is not a pure technical SAP services company. Our consultants have a deep understanding of business processes, and combine those with their SAP knowledge. So it is perfectly possible that a request for programming / bespoke software will not be honored. Instead, we will offer a business solution for the request, having in mind that our mission is to keep systems as clean as possible.

Entrepeneurial behavior is another important part of our DNA. We are not a corporate nor do we have that culture. McCoy is a very ‘flat’ organization, we do not have many different layers with lots of managers. Everyone operates content based with an entrepreneurial vision.

We view ourselves as the perfect blend between the small SAP solution based consultancy organizations (20-25 people, one technology focus) and the big five can-do-all consultancies.

Our clients as well as our McCoy colleages recognize and value this clear positioning.

We are not a supplier, we are a partner. 


We are based out of the Netherlands. Two office locations in Eindhoven amd Utrecht ensure we are never far away from our clients and collegues. Please refer to our contact page for directions and phone numbers.