PAS. Project As a Service

Software-as-a-service is a fully embraced concept. This is now the standard for purchasing software. It's nice to be able to spread these costs evenly instead of a hefty upfront investment. This gives financial room to continue to invest in innovation. But why does this not apply to the implementation costs? The consultancy fees, the possible purchase of hardware and the management costs are often still charged in a short time. McCoy begs to differ and offers a unique approach: PAS. An SAP Project-as-a-Service. SAP. Done Differently.

SAP implementation as a service

We offer licenses, project management and management "as a service" for a fixed amount per month. For a period that we agree together. This makes the investment more transparent and predictable. It is an implementation agreement, in which we discuss in advance whether you pay per use, unit or user. All-in, based on your specific needs.

Transparent and predictable

By working according to this OPEX model, you not only spread the financial costs, but we also take the success of the project largely for our responsibility. In addition, it provides financial capacity for innovative IT projects. This approach allows us to make an implementation project transparent and predictable. We call it Simply McCoy.