Webinar: The art of strategic sourcing

Webinar: The art of strategic sourcing

Unlock the secrets of effective sourcing and maximizing value

About this webinar

Are you looking to stay ahead in the procurement game? Effective sourcing is a critical component of a successful procurement strategy. Join us on March 23, for a webinar as we dive into best practices and strategies for maximising the value of your potential sourcing events.

A good sourcing strategy is critical in our fast and ever-changing business environment. Sourcing and the way we get information has evolved throughout the years and that impacts organizations across the globe. Being proactive, getting more control and having a long-term view is key in enabling more success. In addition, software solutions have become more user-friendly and capable of supporting your process. They help you level up, adapt more quickly, and decrease risks within your organization. During this webinar our guest speaker will give you an in-depth update.

Things you will learn:

  • Changes in the way sourcing is organized by procurement

  • The increased need for transparency and structure in sourcing

  • The delegation of sourcing back to the business by procurement

  • The delegation of sourcing to outsourcing partners

  • How the introduction of new technologies emphasizes the need for processes and systems to capture data


A sourcing expert from one of our customers — a leading chemical company — has a clear vision on the sourcing process and its added value for organizations. We are happy that he is sharing this vision and more insights with us during this webinar.

Our colleague Erik Stuut, Procurement Consultant, will enhance the experience, and build on the inspirational story presented by our guest speaker, by guiding you through the Ariba Sourcing Module capabilities with a demo.

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  • Erik Stuut, Procurement Consultant

    Erik is procurement consultant at McCoy.

    Erik Stuut