Webinar: From Apo to Better (IBP)

8 december 2020 16:00

Imagine that your planning accuracy improves by 5 or 10%, what does that mean for your logistics and financial performance? Or how would it be to integrate all departments and align Demand, Supply and Finance from a single source of truth. Learn from our clients how they successfully engage SAP IBP as their planning backbone, and yield great results doing so!

Ready to take the next step towards supply chain excellence?

Join us for our ‘From Apo to Better (IBP)’ webinar, and let us explain and demonstrate how SAP IBP can help you to take the next step.

During the webinar, you will:

  • learn how to gain more profit and insight via customer centric planning solutions
  • understand how to simulate your way towards the perfect plan (“What if”)
  • get insights into a customer case (to be announced)
  • discover our newest IBP innovation: the “Perfect Planning Guard”
  • know why you should move From A to Better (IBP)

Er zijn helaas geen beschikbare plaatsen meer voor deze training.