Master Class - Data Driven Supply Chains

10 oktober 2019 17:00

More and more, it is claimed that data should be at the heart of business decision-making. With the Internet-of-Things as a main driver, data-driven decision-making in logistics is now becoming feasible, but its successful implementation critically depends on the question “how?”. To answer that question, innovative research in combination with real-world implementation is key. Therefore, in this master class we aim to bridge the gap between “traditional” logistics’ decision-making and data analytics.

Location: Sx Sport Marketing Media, Torenallee 3, Eindhoven

Speaker: Tom van Woensel, Eindhoven University of Technology


17:00 Start with light dinner

17:30 Part 1

19:00 Short Coffee/Tea break

19:15 Part 2

20:45 Finish

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