Masterclass SAP IBP for Demand

17 november 2020 17:30

More turnover, lower stock, better service levels, working more efficient and a decision-making process that is based on the correct and always available data. It almost sounds too good to be true. The world around us is becoming increasingly complex and customers expect top speed and high service. How do we meet the expectations of our customers and keep costs low while keeping our stock levels optimal? Is this utopia or is it closer than everyone thinks?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a platform that allows you to get started quickly and optimize your supply chain in no-time. McCoy & Partners has developed some best practices that enable you to integrate IBP into your organization step by step. Within 2-3 weeks you can already use the benefits of IBP.

In this Masterclass at the UCLL, experts from McCoy & Partners will give an overview of the main benefits and key functionalities of SAP IBP. Afterwards, we will give a system demonstration of the IBP for demand solution and show how a sales history that was heavily impacted by Covid-19 can be transformed into a consensus demand plan.

SAP IBP overview

Do you want to learn more about SAP IBP?

Please enroll quickly for this Masterclass IBP at the UCLL, Proximus Campus, Geldenaaksebaan 335, 3001 Leuven on Tuesday November 17th. The class is starting at 17h30 and finishes at 20h30.

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