SAP on Azure Envisioning: A Cloud Transformation workshop

2 december 2020 13:00

A Cloud Transformation workshop on the benefits of moving your SAP applications to Azure

Date: 02-12-2020

Time: 13.00 p.m.
Location: Virtual

Do you want to know more about the benefits of moving your SAP applications to Azure? Join our “SAP on Azure Envisioning Workshop”! During a three-hour session, we demonstrate how you can migrate and run your SAP system in a flexible, scaleable, agile and secure environment. Additionally, we showcase how this migration unlocks business benefits such as how artificial intelligence can support your warehouse operators with processing packing tasks. In short, this workshop gives you all the tools you need to become a data-driven, connected and integrated enterprise!

What's in the workshop? 

The workshop starts with a session on the SAP on Azure Journey. Speakers Martin Sih (Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft) and Jan Laros (Sales Director at McCoy) target the question: Why should businesses use the Public Cloud as target IT platform? Topics discussed are how to run SAP including S/4Hana on Public Cloud and the benefits of a typical SAP on Azure journey for SAP users. 

The workshop continues with a session on SAP on Azure Reference Architectures. Speaker Pranesh Soundarrajan (Senior Cloud Solution Architect - SAP Architectures on Azure at Microsoft) shares Microsoft’s best practices on how to deploy your SAP and/or S/4HANA on Azure. 

The next session is about Accelerating IDL’s  road to S/4HANA with Azure. Speaker Casper Ballemans (SAP Solution Architect at McCoy and John Dineen (Project Manager at Irish Distillers) present the customer case on how Irish Distillers was able to accelerate their journey to S/4HANA with Azure and McCoy.

After a 30-minute break, we resume the workshop with a demo on how to innovate and make use of the benefits of your new environment. Speakers Tertius Schijven and Jan-Gert Bouma (Supply Chain Experts at McCoy) explore with you the possibilities and business advantages that exist now that your business runs SAP in Azure. A demo created by McCoy and Heroes let you experience how artificial intelligence supports your warehouse operators with processing packing tasks. In the end, we wrap up the program and discuss the next steps to be taken.

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13:00 - The SAP on Azure Journey
13:30 - SAP on Azure Reference Architectures
14:15 - Accelerating IDL's road to S/4HANA with Azure
15:00 - Break
15:30 - Demo: How to innovate and take the benefits of your new environment
16:00 - Wrap-up and next steps

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