Move SAP to the cloud

Everybody is talking about it, but not everybody is doing it. Running SAP workloads in the cloud. Whether you choose to run SAP S/4HANA as software as a service from SAP (Essentials Edition) or run SAP workloads on hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud: running SAP in the cloud is the new normal. 

As you can read in countless research and white papers, the advantages of running enterprise software in the cloud are huge. The endless flexibility and scalability have been described in detail before, and the cost reduction potential is huge. You can also remove human errors by automating repetitive tasks and applying infrastructure-as-code and security and compliance are at the highest standards by design on Day 1. Speed of innovation, security by design and endless flexibility are complimented by a large number of standard SAP best practices deliverd by the McCoy Cloud Team. 

We know how to move your SAP workloads to the cloud. We are cloud agnostic, know how to do it and have done it before.

By clicking on the blocks above or the links below, you will find more information on typical cloud drivers and barriers. We also provide reference cases and offer our unique Cloud Assessment where we identify, assess and design the business case for your cloud transformation journey in just a few weeks.

  • Reduce TCO of SAP Operations up to 50% 
    We have performed many SAP Cloud Assessments and have delivered business case which led to cost savings of up to 50%. Automating repetitive tasks, optimizing architectures, simplifying landscapes and applying the latest cloud technology brings huge value to customers of all sizes. Learn more.

  • SAP Cloud Assessment 
    With the McCoy Cloud Assessment you receive a detailed report for your existing SAP Landscape. We dive into details on the following topics:

  • Capture current landscape design, architecture and current cost levels of operations

  • Future state design of your landscape running optimized in the cloud of choice

  • Detailed TCO calculation of the end state in the cloud as a fully managed service, including transition roadmap and estimated costs

  • Executive Summary of the business case and the ROI calculation

Download more information about McCoy Cloud Assessment

  • Reference cases 
    It is important that the partner that moves your SAP workloads to the cloud is experienced. Having dealt with large move projects, brings a wealth of experience that adds value to your cloud transformation. Lessons learnt from earlier projects, experience with specific tooling and best practices help you in your journey to the cloud. We know how to move you to the cloud, have done it before and we are confident that our pragmatic focus on quality suits your organization.

McCoy & Cloud  

We are born in the cloud. We never had own datacenters, we have no drive to keep customers in an on-premise cage and we truly believe in the power of the cloud. Customers like ASML, Marel, Alliander, IDL, Royal FloraHolland, RDC and many more trust us with their systems in the cloud. Being cloud agnostic gives us the flexibility to choose the right cloud per customer, without having a personal gain. True independence is key in the partnership between McCoy and our customers.