Rutger Heijmerikx

Adding SHINE to your local SAP HANA Express Edition

In my  previous blog post I’ve written about  SAP HANA Express Edition, the streamlined version of SAP HANA that can run on laptops and other resource-constrained hosts (such as a NUC ) for free up to 32G of memory use, and the way to install it on your own laptop.

Besides many positive remarks (thank you for that), I’ve also received a question about the possibility of a SHINE installation. SHINE (SAP HANA Interactive Education) was created in 2013 to shed light on SAP HANA and XS features and has evolved from workshop training course material to the one and only official demo content for native SAP HANA development.

By ‘uploading’ SHINE we immediately add database components (eg tables, views, stored procedures) and server-side components (eg XS JavaScript, XS OData) to our local version of SAP HANA Express Edition. This way a fully functional application will be at your disposal with minimum effort and can be used for demo-, training- and POC purposes.

1) Before adding SHINE, download it via

Click on “Software Downloads”; On the Support Packages & Patches tab, select: By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) → H → SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION → DOWNLOADS tab → SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0 → DOWNLOADS tab → ENTRY BY COMPONENT → HANA SHINE CONTENT and Choose SAP HANA DEMO MODEL 1.0

2) Within Eclipse/Hana Studio go to Import → SAP HANA content → Delivery Unit

3) Select the downloaded SHINE file from the location it has been stored at step 1. (Because a .tgz file is required, UNzip the downloaded file as the .tgz file is part of the ZIP file!)

4) Press finish and the SHINE import starts

5) After the import is successful

go to the content “folder” and observe that a “democontent” package has appeared

6) Executing a “Data Preview” on calculation view “BUYER” will generate the following overview which clearly shows that your local version of SAP HANA Express Edition contains data, populated via delivery unit SHINE.

SHINE now enables you to create beautiful POCs, Mockup’s and even demos which you can show your customer/prospect without using an (active) internet connection because everything is running locally on your laptop!

Feel free to contact McCoy for more info regarding SHINE, SAP HANA or SAP HANA Express Edition.