Arjen van der Sluijs

SAP Advanced ATP implemented at IGM Resins

McCoy congratulates IGM Resins with their recent implementation of SAP Advanced Available to Promise (AATP) functionality. In a time frame of less than 3 months, the organization went live with this new way of working, in the Public Cloud of SAP S/4HANA. With this extension of their SAP S/4HANA system, IGM Resins strengthens their global presence, unique market driven and customer focused approach. From today onwards, IGM Resins will monitor the impact of the proposed availabilities on daily basis with the whole CS-team and will act on deviations either on confirmed orders and/or availability of materials.

IGM Resins: “From now onwards the system will guide us on the order entry and possibilities to confirm for products with or without allocation. Making allocation decisions up-front, based on the expected available materials and demand plan, will bring more consistency and transparency to our internal and external parties, what we can promise or not.”

McCoy helped IGM Resins to define a strategy to handle scarcity in a volatile market. With that as a guideline, we configured the system. And agreed and aligned with users on the appropriate allocation settings. Due to the close involvement of users and consultants, we ensured that everyone’s motivated and eager to optimally use the system capabilities.

IGM Resins is the leading global provider of energy curing raw material solutions to a wide variety of industries such as graphic arts, industrial coatings, adhesives and 3D printing. They operate worldwide, in an environment where scarcity of components is an everyday challenge.