Stef Cornelissen

Are you sure Agile is the right approach for you?

Research on the McCoy & Partners project database shows that the choice for an Agile or Waterfall project approach is pretty much a personal matter. It has everything  to do with the company culture. If you are deep into Agile that is the way to go, and if you hate it you won’t even try. So much for the tons of pro and cons floating on the internet and LinkedIn.

End of story? No such thing! As soon as you start looking at project success the picture changes dramatically. For the complex strategic project with lots of senior management attention Waterfall still scores much higher on success, it’s the focused projects that benefit by Agile, even if they are technical in nature. In total we found 16 weighted questions that together predict 75% of Agile success. Curious how your project scores? Try out the hassle free McCoy & partners Agile Score. Not a guarantee, but a useful way to start you next discussion on project approach...

Think strategic projects, think McCoy.