Beyond Analytics: Embedded Analytics on Steroids

Beyond Analytics: Embedded Analytics on Steroids

Arie Heutmekers20 september 2022

Over the coming years, a lot of companies running SAP ECC will (have to) move to S/4HANA. Once the project starts, this automatically opens questions like:

  • How are we going to organize our reporting?
  • Do you still need a data warehouse or are you going to maximize the power of the S/4 HANA engine and use embedded analytics as the main reporting solution?

Answering these questions is not easy. This blog explains the different options and help you take the right decision for your company.

Embedded analytics

Those who choose the Embedded Analytics option will soon run into some limitations of the standard CDS views provided by SAP.

The standard content (with standard CDS-views) is a good starting point but does not cover all the reporting requirements:

  • Important fields and logic are missing.
    Thus, most companies end up creating copies of the standard CDS view and enhancing them with new fields and logic.
  • The standard CDS views are mainly built as data stovepipes.
    They support only (part of) a process and do not provide the complete picture; the number of CDS views that support cross-process reporting is very limited.

Simple requirements like reporting in multiple currencies, units of measure, or credit notes automatically subtracted from your revenue are not available and require custom-built logic implemented in your reporting environment to work.

Our proposition: Beyond analytics

Together with Bmatix, McCoy & Partners has developed a rapid deployment solution that solves most of the described problems: Beyond Analytics.

Beyond Analytics is a virtual data warehouse, mainly built on bespoke CDS views that deliver real-time information to the users. On top of this data warehouse, several front-end tools can be used:

  • Embedded analytics for operational reporting (using Fiori tiles).
  • Analysis for Office for analysts working directly in Excel.
  • Dashboards that can be deployed in SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) or Power BI.
    These are based on best practices like the SCOR model and Business Balance Scorecard. 

All our CDS views are built as analytical views using the same master data objects to make sure all master data is consistent and available in all reports.

Also, tools are available to maintain hierarchies, characteristics, and security. It is even possible to load historical information into the system to enable Year-over-Year comparison.

Very short time to market

Beyond Analytics is up and running in a couple of weeks. The time-to-market for this solution is very fast compared to a big data warehouse project, which takes months or even years to implement.
Since it is a virtual data warehouse, no data loading is needed: the power of the HANA engine and our optimized CDS views ensure the performance. Key users can also be trained to build their own reports (self-service).

New models/CDS views can be added in a couple of days and not months, which is typical for a BI project.

Based on our experience we can conclude that between 80 and 90% of the S/4 reporting gaps can be covered by our proposition.

Currently, there are best practice reports available in the following areas:

  • Finance (P&L, COPA, B/s, Open items, AR, AP, etc.)
  • Sales (orders, invoicing, conditions, etc.)
  • Stock (material movements, stock, stock forecast, availability, etc.)
  • Purchasing (PR, PO, Conditions, etc.)
  • EWM (Fill rate, Movements, etc.
  • Production (orders & efficiency, plan independent requirements, etc.)
  • Funds Management
  • Master data management (dimension, text, attributes, hierarchy, etc.)

There are several cross-application reports available as well as some optional add-ons e.g., a fully integrated financial and logistic planning application. We are continuously working on new content for our solution.

Are you the perfect match?

All companies who are running or migrating to S/4HANA can benefit from our proposition. There are, however, some pre-requisites that need to be met:

  1. You need to have a S/4HANA on-premise or private cloud edition. At the moment Beyond Analytics does not run on a public cloud system, because SAP has blocked all ABAP developments. In the future, we plan to have a solution for public cloud systems as well.
  2. Most of your data needs to be stored in SAP. In case you have multiple different source systems with large data volumes, a data warehouse is still the better option.

Once you meet both requirements, Beyond Analytics might be a good solution for you. It would be even better if logistics is a key component in your organization, as we have a lot of pre-configured content already available. The perfect match is wholesale companies for which almost all our content is suitable out-of-the-box.

Get in touch!

The official product launch of Beyond Analytics in the Netherlands will take place at the McCoy BI event on Thursday, September 29th. However, the solution is already successfully implemented by our partner Bmatix in almost 10 companies across Belgium in the retail, wholesale, production, and the public area.

Interested in our Beyond Analytics proposition? Register for our McCoy BI event on September 29th and hear more about this solution and other interesting BI topics. Feel free to contact Roel van Bommel (06-22698392) or Arie Heutmekers (06-46315849) if you want more information.





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