Casper Ballemans

Cloudwatervrees: 1 year later

In September 2015, my colleague Tom van den Berg wrote about “Cloudwatervrees”. He observed that a lot of companies did see the benefits of moving to the cloud and had defined ambitions to go for it, but he also was quite surprised that the momentum seemed low. He stated:

“What’s up? Why aren’t we all-in on cloud then? Why are we still running complex on-premise landscapes, afraid to touch or move them?”

In his blog, Tom shortly introduced our Cloud Adoption Plan and emphasized the relationship of a cloud strategy with system landscape complexity. Large Enterprise Landscapes were hampered by a “do-not-touch” policy, while the possibilities are endless in the cloud.

Fast forwarding to December 2016, we see a different picture. A strongly increased number of companies have taken the dive (we do like water analogies :-) ) and have stepped up to move systems and workloads to the cloud. What did it take for these companies to decide to go for the cloud?

They all have one thing in common: they are companies that realize that they need to change. New business models, extremely large data sets to support their customer demands and disruptive technologies all push them to the limits of their IT.

The companies that have decided to step on the Cloud Wave with us, decided that if they continued to work with their old on-premise and sometimes legacy systems, they would be taking unacceptable risks. They needed to stay ahead of the competition to safeguard the continuity of the company and the people working there.

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Next to the compelling event of Business Transformations in their own company, customers are likely to be inspired by others. In 2016 lots of customers are taking the example of early adopters and started creating their own cloud landing zones.

We see a huge momentum at McCoy. We are implementing greenfield SAP S/4HANA systems and absorbing these workloads in our Simply RUN platform (our cloud based platform to Run & Improve our customers SAP landscapes). Next to that we are helping several customers with the Cloud Adoption & Migration plan in a cloud agnostic way, supported by several successful proof of concept projects with SAP on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

At McCoy we are very happy to see that companies have overcome their Cloudwatervrees and have stepped on to the wave. As a cloud born company with a mission to Simplify IT, we believe that cloud is an enabler for business change. If you would like to have a chat about moving to the cloud, let me know and I’ll be happy to serve a good cup of coffee! 

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