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Intelligent Logistics SAP EWM Out-of-the-Box

You and a group of friends are visiting a theme park one day and around noon, everyone is starting to get hungry. Since it is a bit early for lunch, you decide to put off the choice of where to eat for a while. 

When you are finally ready to eat around one o’clock, the most suitable establishment is packed to the rafters. Only restaurants that are less suitable for your situation (over-priced à la carte or unhealthy junk food) still have some seats available. Disappointed, you join the queue to get a healthy and affordable meal. After an hour of waiting, you finally get what you ordered.

By that time, the people who did get to the restaurant on time have finished eating and they are now first in line at all the rides. After lunch, you once again have to join the back of the queue and you end up spending a large part of the day simply waiting around.

Stand at the front of the line

While many companies continue to wonder how realistic SAP's 2027 deadline is when it comes to terminating general support for ECC, other businesses are already well into the research phase and some pioneers have even gone live with S/4HANA already. Food for thought... Do you want to join the back of the queue for the partner who can successfully guide you through this crucial process?

We see that many McCoy clients and other SAP users are working hard on the move to S/4HANA, as was evident from the popularity of our Big Event back in June of 2019.

How can we migrate? What is the right approach? What risks are involved? How are other SAP users handling this? Where can I find the right expertise?

Migrating along the logistical axis

Although every client's situation is unique, here at McCoy & Partners we see opportunities and perhaps even advantages from a logistical perspective in executing an S/4HANA migration along the logistical axis. Initially, you only migrate your SAP WM solution to SAP EWM on an S/4HANA platform. This is an out-of-the-box solution.

Since SAP-EWM is available as a decentralised solution, it increases the scalability of S/4HANA transition as a whole. By first migrating WM to EWM on S/4HANA, you create a decentralised environment in which the ECC system remains virtually the same. This increases the project's manageability and reduces the risks involved. The warehouse can focus on the new functionalities, while the rest of the business continues to use the familiar environment. Furthermore, this approach allows the IT organisation to acquire a wealth of S/4HANA knowledge that will prove invaluable during the rest of the transition process. 

We are firm believers in migration along the logistical axis and support this approach with our out-of-the-box EWM solution, which we call Intelligent Logistics. Would you like to know more? Contact Tertius Schijven via 06-30130381 /

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