Tom van den Berg

Maintain a smooth IT transformation during mergers

Sounds familiar? Your running IT project is halfway, runs according to schedule and will go live in a couple of months. Out of the blue an internal message is received from top management that your company has acquired a small competitor to gain market share. Not unexpected the next question from top management is to integrate ‘NewCo’ into your IT platforms and consider this priority 1. Your new challenge? Keep your current IT project running as planned including this high priority.

For McCoy this is daily business. The majority of the projects we do is M&A related. For corporates as well as family owned smaller businesses. We integrate acquired businesses in your running IT platform, but we also take care of the other side. Selling (part of) your business, divestments through a carve out is also big on our reference list. 

McCoy has developed a standard approach for both cases. This means that we do not start from scratch, and we don't reinvent the wheel. Our experience in combination with our standardized approach enables us to deliver quick results. Enabling our clients to really spin off the divested part of the business, or reap the benefits from the acquired business from day one.

In addition to SAP, we use specialized tools. For instance, to extract data from running IT platforms, or vice versa integrating data into your systems. We also operate under architecture. In a specialized environment we maintain the architecture that describes your platform. This way the divestment or merger is performed under architecture and can seamlessly be maintained after project closure. An approach that has proven its value many times over. 

McCoy has composed in a specialized M&A team. Combined with our standardized approach they can support you to quickly and safely integrate or divest (parts of) your business.

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