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McCoy announces Internet of Things partnership with URE (University Racing Eindhoven)

Every year the URE team builds a new high-tech revolutionary electronic Formula-style racing car. During the Formula Students events, all over the world, their hard work is put to the test. The drive for being the very best comes from a passion for engineering within the teams. Overall, URE is a great place to gain experience in designing, manufacturing and tuning the racing cars of the future and being a team player in an environment of highly motivated engineering students.

McCoy is proud to sponsor the URE team in the race of 2016. Why? Because URE is a student team with passion for technology and engineering, and McCoy can help them to make even more progress by applying the Internet of Things (IoT). This combination will lead to a faster and more efficient racing car. McCoy believes it is important to invest in the innovation strength of Eindhoven by helping students with challenging projects.

One of the focus areas of McCoy is the IoT as it is also called the next industrial revolution. Connecting devices to (SAP) software enables companies to develop whole new business processes. This together with the HANA platform of SAP makes IoT more attractive than ever. McCoy consultants will combine their expertise around infrastructure, user experience and predictive analysis to create a customized racing dashboard for URE.

Sensors within the car will transfer captured data to the SAP HANA platform by using the new IoT connectors of SAP. With predictive analysis tools these values will be interpreted which enables prediction of remaining capacity of the batteries of the racecar. This will be visualised in a real-time dashboard customized for URE. By using McCoy Design Thinking methodologies these dashboards will be extremely user friendly. 

URE students and McCoy consultants both put a lot of passion into their work and are both very motivated to make this partnership successful. With the sponsorship McCoy & Partners shows that it’s the perfect SAP Partner for IoT solutions.

Are you interested to explore your IoT possibilities? Please contact Jan Laros of McCoy at