Rutger Heijmerikx

McCoy invests in healthy relationships: Run with us in Eindhoven!

At McCoy we are firm believers in healthy relationships. Whether this is with clients, colleagues, or partners; we would like to invest in these relationships and cherish them to the fullest.

In light with this belief, we would like to cordially invite all friends of McCoy to join us for the yearly Marathon of Eindhoven, on Sunday October 9th, 2016.

In tradition with past years, McCoy runs with many friends and colleagues. Distances can be chosen; there is 5km, 10km, 21km and of course the full marathon. Most of us do 10 kilometers, which seems to be our favourite distance.

We ask our participants to register themselves for the event, and register separately at McCoy. McCoy facilitates a special running shirt, drinks and food before and after the event, as well as a donation on our behalf to the Dutch Youth Sporting Fund, based on the number of participants that day.

We look forward to seeing you in Eindhoven on October 9th!