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McCoy makes the difference again!

And therefore we seek excellence! Join McCoy and make the difference.

Our core values are involvement, freedom, teamspirit, fun and striving for simplicity in everything we do. These values determine how we work with our clients and how we work together as colleagues. Commitment to SimplicITy.

Working at McCoy means participating in challenging projects and continuously developing your skills. Your employability is as important for you, as it is for us. McCoy offers you the space to evolve as a specialist, but is also offering you the possibility to become the leader of your own team or to sell a client focussed solution.

Don’t settle for less than the real thing. Why you should choose McCoy & Partners:

  • Your values are our values; If you find involvement, freedom, teamspirit, fun and striving for simplicity important values, you will fit right in;

  • People matter: Talent is more important than structure. Initiatives are stimulated and each individual receives the attention needed. We stimulate each other to achieve better results and celebrate success.

  • Keep learning: Within McCoy you keep working on developing your skills, either through special courses, e-learning or through our McAdemy.

  • Get inspired by your colleagues; McCoy has a unique culture and employs senior professionals. The combination of the two assures a pleasant working environment.

  • Never a dull moment ; At McCoy new challenges and diversification are always present; the projects you work on, the people you work with and the places you go to are never boring.

  • Balance; Each individual has a different balance and a different goal; something McCoy respects;

  • Excellent benefits; A market conform fixed salary, an additional variable salary, a customized pension plan, a fixed expenses compensation, a lease car, laptop and Iphone are part of our renumeration package.

Time for a change. Time to make things simpler. Time to  join McCoy & Partners.