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McCoy sets new record: SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services Cloud

With McCoy’s extensive knowledge on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP, setting up your SAP Business Suite running on SAP HANA in the cloud is as simple as 1-2-3!

McCoy has delivered a rocket fast deployment of SAP Business Suite on HANA. An internal landscape consisting of SAP ERP, SAP Solution Manager and SAP BW has been designed (Our own Enterprise Architecture Simplification Environment (EASE) runs on AWS too!) and implemented in just a couple of hours. By choosing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, McCoy has the flexibility and scalability it needs to provide internal insights, run internal processes and provide customer demos and proof of concepts on demand. All at a highly manageable cost.

What did the trick? How did our Cloud Team deliver an SAP Business Suite on HANA instance so fast and so efficient? Three steps were crucial, and can be used in every customer scenario as well. Let’s have a look!

1. Identify your needs

We started with the identification of our needs. What processes and required solutions do we want to run? In this step we identify the technical prerequisites of the solution and the infrastructure. How much memory do we need? What is the total size of our database? How many traffic do we generate on the network? All sorts of technical questions we only need to answer once to be able to create the perfect landscape in the AWS cloud.

2. Deploy your solutions

Based on the prerequisites we defined in step 1 we have enough information to create our target landscape on the AWS Cloud. Everything we need is available within a few mouse clicks. We deploy a virtual machine running an operating system of our choice in seconds. We do not need to worry about sizing; if we need more CPU's, memory or storage, it's only a few mouse clicks away!

Once the instance is up and running, we need to install the required SAP software. This process consists of a few standard phases and is the same as it would be on our on-premise hardware. There's one big difference: because we can temporarily scale-out our system we can provide extra resources to make our installation lightning fast!

3. Run!

We run our SAP Business Suite on HANA on AWS just as we would on premise. We can use all available AWS tools to make application management easier than ever before.

A few examples of what we can do:

Create system copies in minutesCreate snapshots and revert to them in secondsScale up or scale out almost limitlessDeploy pre-installed SAP solutions in minutesShut down the instance when we don’t need it and save running costsEtc.Do you want to test drive your SAP Solution on AWS yourself? Or do you want to run a proof of concept with HANA on AWS? Contact us and we will show you how cheap, flexible and super fast this can be!