In the past few months McCoy has worked to meet all requirements of the consulting partnership with AWS. In January 2017, the SAP service provider met all requirements and AWS formally assigned the Standard Consulting Partner tier. The most important requirements are 2 customer references on AWS and the completion of at least 2 certifications on the associate level. 
McCoy is very proud to have achieved the first tier in partnering with AWS and is looking forward to further growth. “We are very excited that we completed the first tier in the partnership. AWS is a strategic choice for us and we expect the cloud business unit of McCoy to grow very quickly”, stated Jan Laros, Sales & Account Manager at McCoy. “AWS is the core technology within SimplyRun, our management platform that forms a landing zone for our customer’s SAP system landscapes”.
McCoy plans to expand the partnership to the next levels during 2017. By growing the cloud business unit and expanding the cloud customer base, the company expects to achieve the next tiers relatively quickly. For more information on the customer references, SimplyRun or the AWS-partnership, please contact Jan Laros of send a message to