Rutger Heijmerikx

McCoy to launch Simplify Approach 2.0

Last Christmas many people spent their well deserved holidays celebrating with turkey and champagne. At McCoy we had some champagne as well: To celebrate the successful deployment of our simplify program at our customers.

Of course, these programs have also delivered many learnings, ideas and insights. We have collected all of these and used the Christmas period to integrate them into our simplify program, thereby creating release 2.0.

'When we created our Simplify program a year ago, it was a mature approach with a thorough delivery method. We also knew that it would be a product that would be continuously improved in fast iterations based on feedback from our customer projects', explains Frank van Dooremolen, Senior Director at McCoy. 'Our ambition is to have at least one major release per year, enabling our customers to benefit from the cumulated learnings'. 

Also the large number of new colleagues at McCoy were able to contribute in a great way and we have integrated lots of their beliefs and experiences into our Simplify Program 2.0.

A few highlights in this new release:

  • SAP IT complexity scan with 4-angle approach (User Experience, SAP Technical, SAP Process, Data & Reporting)

  • Integration of Design Thinking approach

  • SAP Technical complexity assessment enriched with benchmark data – comparison to peer group

  • Integration of new governance models and change management

  • Architectural visualization supported by McCoy’s EASE© platform based on ARIS/Cloud

  • Data lifecycle complexity approach and BI maturity scan