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McCoy to launch Simply SCM: dedicated unit for logistics

How to minimize handling costs while upgrading to the latest software? How to embed voice-picking in daily operations, what will the Internet of Things bring for my business? Can I reduce the total cost of ownership for my systems while retaining or even improving the supported functionality?

McCoy recognizes the challenges that companies face when Operations meets Logistics. We have been building towards a dedicated McCoy business unit that is fully focused to all aspects of Supply Chain Management. Headed by our new hires Bas Gijsbers and Arjen van der Sluijs , this business unit seeks to combine the best of both worlds: “Improving and supporting business processes by leveraging the latest technology. Achieved through the combined delivery of extensive expertise in the areas of supply chain execution, supply chain planning and warehousing.”

Bas Gijsbers comments: “We are looking forward to the challenge to further strengthen and grow the Business Unit to fit within the overall goal of McCoy to have the 100 best consultants working for this great company!”

Arjen van der Sluijs adds to that: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with this team on challenging projects, specific value propositions and to really make the difference in the market. I’m really looking forward to this endeavor”.

McCoy welcomes this new business unit to the already existing teams for Business Intelligence, Procurement, Finance, Customer, Technology, Architecture and Project Management. Simply SCM is a great addition to the group and will help to rapidly spread the message on: “Smart Simple”.

About McCoy:

McCoy’s consultants and IT specialists are on a mission. To simplify IT. Convinced that IT should reinforce and speed up business. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s get back to basics. Let’s make IT simpler. Simply McCoy.

While trying to fulfill all users’ wishes IT has automated, acquired systems and tied one to the other. IT landscapes have become so complex that managing them has become virtually impossible.

Due to many changes and workarounds, you can hardly call a standard system, standard anymore. Over the years, they have been contaminated and changed to the extent that nobody dares to make any major changes anymore. IT seems to have become something that holds business back rather than being an accelerator. Time for a change. Time to make things simpler.

Simply McCoy