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Planning better and increasing your revenue? With SAP IBP

Planning better and increasing your revenue?

Experience what this means with a free test drive in SAP IBP.


It sounds too good to be true. And it often is. However, we see in our customers that by using the right planning tool in combination with the latest planning concepts, this is absolutely possible! In these times with constant changes and high market volatility, we cannot forget the importance of good planning and all the processes in-between (sales, purchasing…).

Simulating the planning cycle

On the one hand, many companies have the need to simulate several times the planning cycle in order to adequately translate the rapidly changing forecasts into production and purchasing. On the other hand, McCoy also sees that the changes in the supply chain and all its related features are a top priority for our customers.

That is why we have created an introduction package for IBP (Integrated Business Planning) with which customers can test the software for free to experience the benefits "live".


How does the IBP test drive work?

We want you to experience the test with your own organizational data, therefore McCoy has developed a customer-specific package. Based on the data provided and within a very short time, we can show you the benefits of planning with IBP.

SAP IBP is a cloud solution which can easily be linked to your existing SAP system. Using APO or classic MRP in MM? Then the data integration will not be a problem. Let us access your data and you will quickly see the advantages of this solution.

Advantages of planning with SAP IBP

These are some of the proven benefits our customers have experienced:


  • Lower stock levels

  • Higher customer service levels

  • Much better and more transparent planning

  • One source of truth for all the supply chain processes

  • Versions and simulations of scenarios

  • And of course the financial consequences of the above logistical advantages.

At McCoy we offer a free scan to quickly determine whether the use of IBP is interesting for your company and what benefits can be expected.

Does it sound like a no-brainer? It is, as far as we are concerned. Our experience proves that when our study indicates that benefits can be expected, they are achieved for all our customers.

Planning on demand

This does not stop with the introduction, the "go-live". Often it is just the beginning. McCoy also offers to provide your planning as a service. On demand and according to the latest insights, methods and techniques. Whenever you want it and need it, so that your company can focus on the core tasks. We want you to ensure that the right goods or services are delivered to the right customer in the right way.

In the end, this is the ultimate goal of good planning and McCoy is eager to help you achieve this goal.


A scan could be one of your best investments!

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