Yorick Vingerhoets

POC for Demand Planning

Why should your company do a POC for Demand Planning with McCoy & Partners?

We know that creating an accurate demand plan is not easy. Many factors are involved (market volatility, demand variation, forecast accuracy, service levels…) and it can be a real challenge to balance all of them to get an optimal result.

Because of that McCoy & Partners has developed the free of charge “Simply Proof” concept using SAP IBP for Demand. In a very short time you will be able to see and test the benefits of this solution along with our IBP experts. We will define a scope and take your requirements, create a  proof of concept (POC) with your own data and validate the results with you. All the demand processes will be taken into account:

  • data integration and cleansing,

  • segmentation of your portfolio taking into account profitability and volatility

  • calculation of the statistical forecast with advanced algorithms

  • demand sensing for short-term horizon

  • product lifecycle management

  • promotions and event management

This finally results in a consensus demand plan with inputs from all the stakeholders involved.

In practice: how a client improved their forecast accuracy

One of our customers was recently facing some issues while preparing their demand plan. They have a considerable portfolio and it was nearly impossible for them to forecast all products. Moreover, some materials had highly fluctuating weekly patterns, which translated into a low forecast accuracy. 

This is why we proposed to do a proof of concept with them via IBP for Demand. The first step was to execute an ABC / XYZ analysis to determine the importance and the variance in demand patterns for each product.

The results showed that most of the materials were highly predictable with the advanced forecasting that IBP offers, so they could be automatized and planners could focus in the more unpredictable ones. Another visible achievement was the increase of forecast accuracy thanks to the different forecasting algorithms. The system is able to notice trends and patterns in order to assign the best fit model to each material. And finally, demand sensing helped predicting effectively difficult weekly patterns that traditional statistical algorithms cannot detect.

Want to know more?

McCoy & Partners believe in the strength and possibilities of SAP IBP for Demand, that is why we deliver a “Simply Proof” approach which combines our knowledge and vision. Interested in carrying out a POC with us or receiving more information? Then do not hesitate to fill in the form below: