Rutger Heijmerikx

Recap of SAP Ariba Live 2016 in Madrid

After our visit to Madrid to attend SAP Ariba Live 2016, we have identified some very interesting developments. McCoy attended numerous partner sessions, had constructive talks with customers and absorbed the knowledge shared by SAP Ariba Solution Experts. One thing is for sure: Ariba is making procurement awesome (President Alex Atzberger introduced the tag #MakeProcurementAwesome in his keynote). 

Some of our highlights are described below. We are looking forward to apply these in our SAP Ariba projects at our customers.

Ariba Guided Buying

This will change the way end users buy from their supplier base. The ever lasting complaint of "why can't creating a purchase requisition be as simple as I do it online at home?" is history. Guided Buying is so simple, so easy and so intuitive, that it will really help the end users. It perfectly suits the McCoy Simplify belief.

Ariba Vendor Master in the cloud

One central place to onboard and maintain suppliers. With easy collaboration, hassle-free on-boarding and synchronisation with your on-premise vendor master, you'll have it all in one place. No more random e-mails and phone calls, everything with regards to vendors will be centralised. Making it possible to have a real Supplier 360 view.

Integration at SAP

SAP itself is currently implementing S/4HANA 1511 and Ariba P2P for several Concur business entities. This is a greenfield project and SAP shared valuable insights in the challenges and solutions that come with integrating these two top-tier software solutions. By using there own lessons learned for customers and partners, integration will be enhanced and out-of-the box later this year.

Much more ...

This is just a small selection of what was presented at SAP Ariba Live 2016. It was a wonderful event and McCoy is happy to tell you more about it. Send us a message if you would like an onsite presentation at your company about the new Ariba propositions like Collaborative Supply Chain, Supplier Management, Ariba Pay or other topics.