Kris van Brouwershaven

The release cycle of SAP Analytics Cloud in 2023

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is SAP’s cloud-based Business Intelligence platform that provides a range of analytics and reporting-tools. It is a fast-evolving product, which gets updated frequently.

In this blog, Kris van Brouwershaven explains the release-cycle for SAC and explains what to expect in 2023. Kris is working with McCoy & Partners since October 2020 and is specialized in SAC.

SAP Analytics Cloud works using different types of releases, from high to low frequency:

Minor Releases – Biweekly

  • These releases are only available for SAP Analytics Cloud FastTrack Customers.
    You can find the details per release on the official
    This is the newest release, as of writing this blog.

Feature Deliveries – Monthly

  • These features have no impact on customers, who also should not need to prepare or take action for them. The changes proposed in these Deliveries should have zero impact and must be virtually invisible to the end user.

Major Releases – Quarterly

  • These customer-impacting releases combine the usually between 4 and 7 releases for the FastTrack-customers into one big release. These releases are already planned for the entire year and it follows the Harmonized Release Calendar for SAP Cloud Products.

When will SAP Analytics Cloud update in 2023?

The Minor Releases are not (yet) scheduled for the entire year, and are the least significant for the customers. For this reason, they will be left out of the following overview.

The Major Releases are displayed in Orange:

  • QRC Q1 2023 release – February 17th – 19th

  • QRC Q2 2023 release – May 19th – 21st

  • QRC Q3 2023 release – August 18th – 20th

  • QRC Q4 2023 release – November 10th – 12th

The Feature Deliveries are displayed in Blue

  • Feature 1 – January 20th – 22nd

  • Feature 2 – March 17th – 19th

  • Feature 3 – April 21st – 23rd

  • Feature 4 – June 16th – 18th

  • Feature 5 – July 21st – 23rd

  • Feature 6 – September 15th – 17th

  • Feature 7 – October 13th – 15th

  • Feature 8 – December 8th – 10th

What will be in these QRC-releases?

These Major Releases are a combination of a number of Minor Releases, of which the number will differ per Major Release.

For example:

The last release of 2022 (QRC Q4 2022) contained :

  • 2022.16

  • 2022.17

  • 2022.18

  • 2022.19

  • 2022.20

  • 2022.21

The first release of 2023 (QRC Q1 2023) is expected to contain:

  • 2022.22

  • 2022.23

  • 2022.24

  • 2022.25

  • 2023.01

  • 2023.02

We will keep you updated on the SAP Analytics Cloud updates. The week after every Major Release, we will test all new features and write a blog to explain everything between the release’s best new features and it’s missed opportunities.

And many more…

Do you want to know more about SAP Analytics Cloud and its features? Or would you like to know how we can help you with your Business Intelligence-questions? Please reach out to Roel van Bommel (+31622698392) or Joury Jonkergouw (+31682622361).

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