Amber Smeulders

SAP SuccessFactors Go Live at Trespa

McCoy are delighted to announce the recent SAP SuccessFactors Go-Live at Trespa International B.V. A strong foundation has been established in 14 countries with a new Attract & Acquire Process, implementing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Onboarding 2.0, Recruitment Management and Recruitment Marketing. On top of this Digital Transformation a strong HR Transformation track was managed, changing the HR Operating Model from BPO to an in-house HR Service Delivery Model with a strong focus on Self-Service for managers and employees.  

Trespa International B.V. is a leading innovator in architectural panel materials and is internationally recognized as the best developer of high performance panels for facade cladding, decorative facades and Scientific Surface Solutions. To manage this high performing culture a strong focus on Talent Management and a state-of-the-art HR Delivery is key. With this HR Transformation a Fit-for-the-Future Foundation is build. 

“We are working with McCoy on the implementation of the SuccessFactors Suite since august 2020. The team stood by us while we were going through a steep learning curve. They have shown themselves a true partner that sticks around also when things do not go smoothly.” - Tanja Meyers, CHRO Trespa

Congratulations to everyone involved in this successful project. McCoy would like to thank everyone at Trespa for their hard work, passion and support during the journey of this great implementation. We look forward to continued collaboration to build a strong Talent Management Suite and wish you every success with your HR Transformation.