The importance of learning is ever increasing. Due to the fast pace of change within organizations and the short development cycle of new technological innovations, the need for highly-skilled SAP consultants is rising. Yet, the ability to keep existing skills up to date (to prevent knowledge leakage) and develop new skills in innovation areas is a key challenge for a lot of organizations. Furthermore, training budgets do not always allow employees to follow courses. Organizations are seeking for an effective and cost-efficient solution to update, evaluate and explore innovation.

The SAP Learning Hub

The SAP Learning Hub is a solution that addresses these organizational learning challenges. It is a comprehensive learning solution that provides access to all SAP’s learning content, which contains over 4,000 learning titles, e-learnings including recordings of in-class trainings, delta trainings and SAP Education and non-Education content (e.g. SAP TechEd). 

Content is constantly updated with the latest documentation on new SAP innovations. It is a cloud-based solution that is available anytime, anywhere. Whether you prepare for a certification, want day-to-day knowledge retrieval, create in-house workshops, evaluate a new SAP solution or train a project team, the SAP Learning Hub can provide just the support you need. For example, use the Catalog Search to find the latest learning materials in your area of expertise.

The Learning Room

Next to the content, the SAP Learning Hub offers ‘Learning Rooms’. 

This is basically a social environment where you can exchange information with other users and ask questions to SAP Trainers. 

The Learning Room also offers Learning Path scenarios which enable continuous learning within the SAP Professional’s area of expertise. Your education history is linked to your S-user so you have a clear overview of your track record.

Our experience with the Learning Hub

At McCoy, we ourselves are active users of the Learning Hub. As it is our role to help our clients to become high-performing business, it is critical for our consultants to stay up to date with the latest technology. 

The Learning Hub is the simplest and most flexible solution for this need. It provides access to the content we need, whenever and wherever we require it. We also engage our clients in using the Learning Hub for their training purposes as well. Especially for large businesses, the Learning Hub is the easiest way to increase the volume and the availability of training to their people.

Practical information

  • Normally an annual license to the SAP Learning Hub costs 2500 EUR per user per year.

  • Optionally, you can profit from a 10% discount of SAPs Live System Access which is a preconfigured SAP system landscape which can be used for sandboxing and course exercises.

  • Members of the SAP Learning Hub have exclusive rights to training material (i.e. 500 e-books about soft skills like time management and leadership, but also IT-related subjects).

  • The Learning Hub license is assigned to your S-user.


To find out more about the SAP Learning Hub and what it can do for your organization, please click here or contact us