Jan-Gert Bouma

Warehouse management solution

At McCoy & Partners, we are passionate about supply chain execution! We even have a dedicated business unit for this. This gives us the extra focus we need to maintain our leading position - with regard to logistical SAP solutions such as SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), of course, but also when it comes to the latest developments and trends in the logistical sector. It allows us to stay on top and continue offering our clients the best possible advice.

Take the lead with Intelligent Logistics

Using this knowledge and our years of experience with EWM implementations, we have developed our own SAP EWM warehouse management solution called Intelligent Logistics. Why did we do this? For more and more businesses, we see the warehouse increasingly becoming a bottleneck in their rapidly changing supply chain. Their existing warehouse management solution simply cannot keep up with the ever-growing volumes. The warehouse solution is not flexible enough to meet the changing business requirements. It does not offer any real-time insight into the company's daily operations, let alone into the performance of the warehouse itself. 

These challenges can be largely overcome with SAP EWM. However, implementing a modern warehouse management solution is often a daunting task that requires a lot of hard work from the organisation's logistics and IT departments. The same goes for the migration from WM to EWM. That is precisely why we developed Intelligent Logistics. 

Best practices with rapid ROI

However, Intelligent Logistics is much more than a tool with which to expedite an implementation. It is an SAP-Qualified Partner Package that consists of an out-of-the-box SAP EWM solution enriched with a growing number of innovative McCoy add-ons. Due to the modular structure and our targeted approach, we can implement our solution quickly and in a controlled manner. Furthermore, we can tailor the solution in an industry- or client-specific manner with our range of customisation options. This allows us to deliver best practices with a rapid ROI.

Besides the standard EWM processes, Intelligent Logistics offers a number of unique McCoy innovations, including an WM-EWM migration cockpit, a smart packing work centre and a warehouse performance dashboard. With these innovative add-ons, Intelligent Logistics is even better suited to the challenges of the modern supply chain. Last but not least, Intelligent Logistics is operational quickly as a cloud-based WMS.

Flexible & out-of-the-box

The modern supply chain requires a flexible warehouse solution that can quickly accommodate changes. Forget about lengthy implementation projects and choose Intelligent Logistics instead. Our standardised out-of-the-box warehouse management solution and iterative approach ensure that Intelligent Logistics is operational quickly. For you, this results in a shorter ROI time. The modular structure and innovations ensure you can easily keep up with any changes that occur in your supply chain. You will be ready for whatever the future holds.

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