Jan Laros

Welcome back!

McCoy & Partners wants to welcome you back to the everyday world we all left a couple of weeks ago. We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday period. In the remainder of this wonderful year 2017 we want to service you as before with intensified and renewed SAP services.

In October we will host the offical launch party of SimplyRun, a new and exciting way to host and support SAP systems in the cloud. Our motto here will be SimplyRun your applications, and devote your time and money to things that really matter and create business value.

The party will be hosted during the Eindhoven marathon in october, where we will participate in the 10k run on Saturday October 7th, or join us for the half or full marathon run on Sunday October 8th. All friends of McCoy are more than welcome to participate. Please register through the event page on the website or contact your McCoy representative.

Finally we would like to reiterate our company mission:

Simplify your Systems and Processes with the Best 100 SAP consultants in the Benelux to make our clients more succesfull. 

For all other news, blogs and events please visit our website at www.mccoy-partners.com or simply call Jan at +31 (0)6 23195153