Data management

For companies (and SAP), good quality data is crucial. Without good data, processes do not work, automation is not possible, and companies cannot gain insight into their performance. In other words, digital ambitions cannot be achieved.

We see data as an asset and want to help companies get and keep data quality in order. We give data the attention it needs to guarantee good quality. We advise companies on processes, organization, architecture and tools around data and data management.

Data is also crucial during projects. We provide insight into the current data quality so that a good estimate can be made of the cleanup activities. We then support the business during the execution of the cleanup activities. At the same time we make sure that we can execute the ETL process. We create data in test systems so that tests can be performed with realistic data. Then follows the go-live in which we switch over to the new situation with the least possible inconvenience to the business. In this way, we ensure that data is not a project risk, but that it supports the transformation to the new situation.

At McCoy, we have a passion for data! Our data specialists are familiar with organizing data and data management, and fulfill leading roles in the data domain at our smaller and larger customers. They are aware of the SAP master data and migration tools, and can advise on this at management level. In addition, we develop our own SMART Data Platform to accelerate migrations and ensure data quality.

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