Rutger Heijmerikx

Technical University Eindhoven accelerates with Internet of Things solution on SAP HANA

In earlier posts we have introduced the University Racing Eindhoven (URE) Team. Their challenge is to win a series of races for electrical cars against other Universities. TU Eindhoven has partnered with McCoy to deliver an innovative real-time dashboard that supports driver and crew in making crucial decisions during the race.

By delivering a dashboard that is fed with data from numerous sensors in and around the car, URE can optimize car handling, battery life and speed during the race. McCoy has built this solution on the SAP HANA Platform, combined with Internet of Things technology and the Amazon Web Services cloud.

During the SAP Inspiration Day in Den Bosch on June 14 th, the car was racing on a custom designed circuit around the SAP Office. The data was fed live to the platform and the McCoy team was performing a live demo of the Dashboard inside the building. Many customers were positively surprised, asked questions, analyzed the data and thought about their own Internet Of Things solution for their companies.

If you are interested in exploring possibilities with IoT, Cloud and Predictive Analytics, let us know. We’re happy to offer a free discovery session with McCoy and URE. Have a look at the Dutch video below to see how our solution leverages the state-of-the-art race car of the TU/e and start thinking about your own trial!

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