Daniël Kluijtmans

Making Money With Procurement

On the 28th of January McCoy &Partners will host an online event with the theme ‘Making Money with Procurement. Making money in this case refers to benefits in a broad sense. Digitalisation of business processes is attracting more and more attention across industries and  business functions including the procurement function. The accents of digitalisation may differ per industry and business function, but it all starts with the same questions. Questions like: “Is automation of the current processes enough or do we need to adapt/optimize our processes first?”. “Do we need to invest in new technology, or will our installed platform do the trick?” and “What are the benefits in comparison to the investment?”.

A first good step to kick off a successful digitalisation process is fact finding. Various tools can be used for this purpose varying from in-depth interviews with business process experts to deploying process mining tooling. However, a combination of tools such as process mining, combined with the skills, experience and knowledge of the facilitators will render the best result. 
With the facts on the table it mapped against the ambition of the organization as a whole and the procurement function specifically is the basis for the next step. This serves as the foundation that is captured in a roadmap. The roadmap is validated in a business case to make sure the expected benefits and investments are offset against each other. In this stage the process of informing and involving stakeholders on different levels has already started.

The roadmap provides guidance for detailing out and planning the digitalisation project(s) that follow. When done properly the roadmap should also provide guidance for embedding the project result in the running operation and facilitate continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is triggered by the results of periodic KPI measurements and ensures that the value add calculated in the initial business case is realized. 

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