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Planning in SAP? Use your common sense

One of the most important business processes is the Plan. More specifically, the Integrated Business Plan: a plan that ensures the best coordination between sales, production, finance and reporting. Avoid producing too much of one and too little of the other. As a result, no sales on the one hand and surplus stocks on the other. Is it so difficult to plan well? 
We don't think so: it's really just a matter of using common sense. In almost all cases, the aim is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and profitability at minimal cost. This starting point translates into all kinds of aspects, such as optimal order and delivery routes, optimal stock levels and optimal purchasing and production planning, which will lead to optimal profitability. In addition, it is important to organize the S&OP cycle as short and efficient as possible and to make choices based on a “single source of truth” in which both the logistics and financial data are combined. All this integrated in a continuous process, in which Excel only plays a minor role ...

Intelligent planning

With our SAP qualified "Intelligent Logistics" solution, we offer a simple, easily expandable solution to achieve quick results in the management and execution of logistics execution. We have now applied the same concept of simplification to planning in SAP. Common sense combined with experience, knowledge and skills leads to a solution that customers can use quickly
Since the year 2020, McCoy & Partners has started working with its own SAP IBP Cloud system to simplify complex planning challenges in an intelligent way. With SAP's Cloud Test & Demo for Integrated Business Planning, we have a great way to show its potential to our customers. We provide IBP customer business cases, demos and use the system to translate the "intelligent logistics" concept into "intelligent planning".

We not only master the configuration and modeling of SAP IBP, but also the related domains. Our consultants use their knowledge of (CPI-) Data Services, ERP (ECC + S / 4HANA) and BW (also ECC-BW) to integrate information from different systems. We are different from our competitors in our dimensions. We believe in local support from local specialists, rather than an offshore or nearshore model.

McCoy and SAP IBP

McCoy & Partners has a team of consultants dealing with various aspects of Integrated Business Planning. As a local player close to its customers, we think along with them, carrying out full-cycle implementation processes and also offering support for existing and new routes. Don’t hesitate to contact Anne van DamJacques Scheutjens or Carla Gomez Subils for more information or fill in the following form.

Think Planning, Think McCoy

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