Where to start taking control?

In your role as a project or program manager, or client, you want to stay in control of that IT project. Maintain control of budget, planning and scope. Managing the needs of the business efficiently. And within a program, also guarding the coherence. Where do you start, especially when you've switched from a waterfall to an Agile/SAFe approach? And what if things aren't going well, who to rely on for support?

The solution: Agile advice per project

We realize successful IT projects with our clients. We also share the experience and expertise we gained in this, in an advisory form:

  • We coach project and program managers to be successful in their role. We select one or more topics or issues within the project and discuss these in depth.

  • We provide tailored advice about complete implementation processes. For example, about the project methodology to be chosen or successful project management within an Agile environment. This can also be in the format of a second opinion or audit.

Project consulting: how do we approach this?

  • One or more conversations in which we clarify the context and the project goal.

  • Current state analysis: we use tools such as the Simply PM Scan. And we talk to those involved and stakeholders. In doing so, we also do not avoid the political and emotional aspects.

  • Feedback & concrete action plan. Is the gain in adjusting the approach, management style, or something totally different? With a lot of clarity and tact, we expose the attention and improvement points. This way we create support instead of resistance. You get feedback formulated in concrete and executable actions.

  • Evaluate and adjust. Has the implementation been successful or is the project going as you had envisioned? Are you confident that this will continue?

Do you want to regain control in or simply get a second opinion on your project?

You're not alone in this. Our experts will gladly coach and/or advise you about (Agile) project management. The success of this depends on a good connection. Feel free to contact Hein van den Heuvel and judge for yourself.