A boring IT project is the best IT project

IT projects are often discussed in the corridors and sometimes even the news. Usually not because they have been delivered within scope, schedule, and budget. Complex IT projects regularly go off track, but doing nothing is not an option. Digital transformation is here to stay and making your organization future-proof requires action.

What if your IT project is an exception to the rule, with a positive business case, 'boring go-live' and users who fully embrace the solution? We see three clear project management trends that determine project success.

Trend 1: From linear to iterative project approach

From PRINCE2 and Waterfall, to Agile and Scrum… In recent years, a shift is visible from a traditional linear approach in project management to a more iterative, incremental approach. There are good reasons for this. A faster go-to market, flexibility to respond to changing priorities and market shifts, and better alignment with customer wishes. What is less positive is the trend for organizations to often use the extremes of the methodologies and stick to them rigidly. As a result, they do not take advantage of the aforementioned benefits.

Which methodology achieves a successful SAP implementation? The context and the goal of the implementation are decisive in this. Read more about our flexible Simply PM approach, Project management and Agile advice.

Trend 2: More soft skills required to be a successful project manager

Without the support of the people and organization, a system does not work, it's that simple. We see an increasing awareness that this is a key success factor. Companies realize that project management is not just about scope, budget and deadlines. As a result, they also demand different and especially more soft and leadership skills from the project manager. Communication, collaboration and stakeholder management are considered crucial. Especially now that remote working is the norm. This poses a challenge for project managers to develop their skill set.

Read here how we prepare project managers for project success in delivering in line with the highest standards of today.

Trend 3: On-premise to cloud

There's a good chance that you will make a switch to the cloud during a new implementation or upgrade. In recent years, we have seen cloud usage grow exponentially. A logical choice, it contributes to business continuity and is cost-effective and scalable. The switch from on-premise to cloud also requires different things within a project. What to do with all the exceptions and custom built wishes of the business? And how do you prepare the administrators for a new role with a focus on functional management instead of technology and infrastructure?

The right (change) approach for a cloud transition requires a specific project approach and specialists.

Also in need of a 'boring' project with 100% success?

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