McCoy remains in continuous motion

The year 2022 summarized

Continuity. For McCoy, that means progress and the ability to grow. And not just financially. Continuity is about the future, of our company but most importantly of our planet. It's about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And how we can make a positive contribution to that. In this second annual report, we show you how we make more impact with small initiatives.


Social annual report

Adding value for our people, the planet and our customers and their business processes.

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Sneak preview:

  • In Dutch locations, female employees went from 12% in 2021 to 15% in 2022

  • Young Talent program launched successfully

  • All about McCoy in Scotland and the Mcforest

  • Cooperation with JINC

  • Purpose workshops are accessible

  • All the facts about our new office

  • We're going carbon neutral