Change Management

Half of Change Management initiatives fail, and only 34% show real significant success.

Your implementation is only as good as your adoption. Without Change Management, there is no adoption. With the complex digital landscape becoming more and more SaaS oriented, a Fit-to-Standard approach is here to stay. And with Fit-to-Standard, the approach to digital transformation programs is changing as well. How do you stick to standard, minimize resistance, and ensure that employees actually use the new solution? The answer? Simply Change Management.

Change Management is, in our opinion, an essential part of a successful digital transformation. We believe in an approach based on content and experience. Our Change consultants have a combination of knowledge of business, SAP and Change Management Methodology. As a result, we know from experience what change an organization is going through, and we can fully focus on the users, for the highest attainable adoption. At McCoy, Change Management is an integral part of every project.

McCoy, More than IT.

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